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(as of June 2004)

Dr. Menendez has a support team of office staff, nurses and doctors to work with you. His office is next door to the USC University Hospital. Dr. Menendez sees patients at his clinic at:

USC - Trojan Horse Picture1520, San Pablo Street
Second Floor
Los Angeles
CA 90033-4608

You can contact the office by telephone at
(323) 442-5830.or by email by Clicking Here.

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Your call will be answered by his receptionist or his office manager. Appointments are made with them.

People familiar with USC know that the USC main campus is south of downtown near the Coliseum. However, the USC medical campus is located east of downtown. Also, the USC Medical Center has two hospitals. One is the Los Angeles County Hospital commonly called the LAC/USC Medical Center. The other is the USC University Hospital and it is the private hospital. You want the USC University Hospital.

Map to USC University Hospital

When you arrive at the address, you can park your car by valet or at the hospital parking lot. When you arrive at the clinic, please sign in and take a seat. If you already have x-rays, bring them with you. If not, the university orthopedic clinic is fully staffed to take x-rays there.

During you visit with Dr. Menendez and his personal nurse, he will examine you and discuss with you if you require such surgery. A complete consultation will be dictated after you are seen. If surgery is needed and you want Dr. Menendez to do the surgery, they will make arrangements for you to see other doctors or get the information from your own family doctor. They will also get your insurance approval and schedule a suitable date for you and Dr. Menendez to do the surgery.

If surgery is needed, you will have to make a pre-operative visit before the surgery. You will also meet his personal surgical co-coordinator. They will work with you to take some tests so that you will have everything ready (cleared) for the surgery.

Being at the USC medical center, you will also meet with Dr. Menendez’s medical intern and his orthopedic resident during the various visits. They are both medical doctors in training under his supervision. Along with Dr. Menendez, they will review your medical information and also help in the surgery.

On the day of surgery, you will come to the hospital and be admitted. Before surgery, you will meet the operating room nurse who will take care of you during surgery. She is always assigned to take care of Dr. Menendez’s surgeries and is very familiar with the surgical procedure. In the operating room, Dr. Menendez also has a team of surgical technicians and nurses assigned to him who are also very familiar with the surgical procedure.

After surgery and while you are on your way to the recovery room, Dr. Menendez will meet with your family members and tell them how everything went.

The day after surgery, you will meet the physical therapists who will help you learn how to walk and do various daily things. They are also very familiar with the exercises and routines that Dr. Menendez prescribes. You will also be seen by his intern, orthopedic resident and most importantly, his personal nurse who keeps Dr. Menendez informed of your progress.

It is our hope that we have provide you with a better understanding of what is involved in your hip replacement surgery and make you a better informed patient.

Thank you.